Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do salt rooms really help fight allergies?

The Salt Room was recently featured in a news report on Los Angeles channel KABC in a report by Denise Dador. The report examines whether halotherapy and salt therapy can serve as an effective treatment for allergies, runny noses and snoring.
While the report confirms that many patients are finding relief for a allergies and other respiratory issues through the use of salt therapy, it does make the point that it should be used as a compliment — and not as a replacement — for other, more traditional forms of treatment.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Therapy with a Grain of Salt

The Winter Park/Maitland Observer has published an article by Brittni Johnson about The Salt Room. The article tells the story of Katelyn Tinsley, a 22-year-old Winter Park residents suffering from cystic fibrosis who has found relief through regular visits to The Salt Room. After just one session, her lungs felt clearer and she was off the oxygen tank completely.
Regarding her experience at The Salt Room, Tinsley says “If it didn’t work then I wouldn’t keep going because I have so many other doctor appointments and other maintenance I have to do to keep myself healthy. I wouldn’t add something to the list if it didn’t make a clear difference.”
The article describes the technology and how The Salt Room is being used to help clients suffering from a range of respiratory and dermatological issues.